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Teacup Pig – Micro Pig – Mini Potbelly Pig


 Teacup pig

We save you the time of taking your new piglet to the vet by having it neutered or spayed, up on vaccinations and a current health certificate. We also include the shipping!


teacup pig

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Teacup Pig

Teacup pig, Mini Juliana pigs, Micro Mini pigs, pocket pig, pixie pigs, pot belly pigs, whatever you want to call them, this site is mostly about the sweetest little pigs you will ever see. Welcome to Angel Enterprise Farm, located in central Florida, we are proud to ship our teacup pigs for sale all over the USA and International. If you are looking for a baby piglet we have what you want. Not only do we have tea cup pigs, we also have Micro pigs and Mini Juliana purebred breeding stock.

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What is a teacup pig?

Teacup pig, Micro pig , Mini pig and  Nano pig are all slang words used by breeders to describe their pigs. Unfortunately there are not any standard on definition among breeders. My smallest are called Micro’s and I estimate 22-35 lbs when fed correctly. My teacup pigs for sale may be 45 lbs. A breeder in Texas, states his is 75 lbs, so you would need to know each breeders definition of their pigs. Be sure you ask the breeder you are talking to what they mean by their size. I list my pig’s size by inches in height from floor to top of front shoulder as weight is determined for the most part by how you feed your piglet.


What is a fair price for a teacup pig?

I am tired of reading on some other breeders sites that you have to pay $3500.00 for a piglet and that anyone that sells you a piglet cheaper is scamming you and selling you a huge pig. I offer my piglets at what I feel is a fair price so that families can afford them not just the elite. I would imagine since I have been breeding for quite a while (2005) and often keeping the special babies out of each litter that I have a lot more breeders than most farms. That allows me to have more volume and lower prices. When I started I invested over $50 K  in quality stock so I am not a run of the mill backyard breeder, plus I love my pigs, they are not little dollar signs running around to me.

Can other pets and a pig get along together?…

  • They love the company, and the snuggling. I do caution everyone to not leave dogs & piglets alone together. Just like children, they can play too rough. Little dogs can tear a piglets ear or worse.     


Can A Child and a pig get along together?…

 Of course they can!       Miniature Pig





Although for many people the word pig conjures up images of a farm yard with huge pigs rolling in mud, or

baby and piglet

Logan and Lani

eating at a pig trough, for some it is a polite pig sitting in the living room with you as you watch television.

Teacup potbellied pigs and mini pigs are becoming increasingly popular as domestic pets. They are much smaller than the standard farm pig and the regular potbelly pig. They are not really teacup size like one imagines except when they are born. Compared to a full grown regular pig at 600-800 pounds or a full grown potbelly pig at 120-200 pounds when they weigh in at 30-65 lbs then they seem like a teacup size. Adults (miniature potbelly pigs) typically weigh around 30 – 65 lbs, are fully-grown at 2-3 years and are about the height of a Cocker Spaniel. You can occasionally find breeders with grown pigs in the 25-35 lbs range some are micro size potbellies or pigs that are crossbred with the Mini Juliana or Micro Mini pigs.

Piggy kisses

Piggy kisses !

The teacup pig’s life span is 15-20 years, and are relatively low maintenance pets, requiring roughly the same amount of daily care as a dog.  However they do not navigate long stairs well but short flights of stairs are doable, the Mini Juliana breed navigate stairs the best.


Pigs should have daily leash-led walks or allowed to run through the house for exercise or they will gain weight. If you find that your pig is getting too fat you increase their veggies and cut back on grain. They will eat nearly endless amounts of food, particularly high-carbohydrate unhealthy food, if allowed, so it is vital to restrict your pet’s access to the food it craves. They will constantly search for food, and should be kept far away from the kitchen or other pets food dish, they absolutely love dog food. Special pig feed can be purchased in a pet store or special-ordered and local feed stores are starting to carry the specialty feed. Pigs are omnivores, equally interested in vegetables, meats, sweets, and carbohydrate-based foods.


gonzo8a2While in your house they will want your attention just like a two year old child would. Give them toys to play with just like children have. This keeps them stimulated and active and will give you hours of amusement. You must pig proof your house just like you would child proof your house for a 2 yr old. They are very intelligent and spend all their time trying to figure out how to get more food.

Teacup potbellied pigs and micro pigs make enjoyable pets because they are very intelligent and affectionate. You could be surprised to learn that some think their intelligence rivals that of dogs, However, like many animals they are prone to laziness and aggression if not properly exercised and socialized. At times, an adult pig may raise a challenge against the owner in so-called dominance aggression, much like any pet will at first and they will need to be reprimanded gently yet strongly, and taught to respect the owner’s authority. They take well to positive reinforcement when they are behaving well, but should not be physically punished. They can be well trained, if properly motivated by food and other rewards and have been used many times in shows doing tricks like playing golf, riding a skateboard , sitting on command and many other tricks.










 Teacup pig for sale NY



Micro 10- 13 ” 18 – 35 lbs

Toy  13-13.5″ 35 – 45 lbs

Teacups 14.5 – 15.5″ 45-55 lbs

Miniature 16″ and up est. 60lbs & up

Please take a yardstick and place it on the floor by your leg. Then look where the estimated height of the piglet is on the yardstick. This is the estimated height of these piglets at maturity. Their weight if healthy and lean should be around 22-55 lbs. depending on the inches estimated. If you overfeed, or feed a poor choice of diet just like our children they will become obese. You can have a pig the size of a cocker spaniel or you can have one the size of a bulldog this depends on you.cocker



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