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Teacup pigs, Mini Juliana pigs, Micro Mini pigs, Miniature pot belly pigs, whatever you want to call them, this is about the sweetest little piglets you will ever see.


This is it.  You are looking for that unique pet for your home and children. Maybe dogs and cats don’t turn you on or you are looking for something special. Maybe the idea of fleas and shedding hair is a turnoff. (Pigs are considered by many as hypoallergenic)  You heard about teacup pigs and you want to find out all you can about them. You have come to the right place. Let us help you in learning about the “Teacup Pig”.  First, let me explain that the term teacup pig is a marketing term used by breeders will not actually fit in a teacup after a couple of weeks old.  However, they are a lot smaller than a regular farm pig and are becoming quite popular as house pets. Imagine the size of a Cocker Spaniel if you measure their food and a Bulldog if you don’t measure. You will see that I personally use the term teacup pig throughout my website. This is not done to lie and say that a teacup pig will fit into a teacup but to optimize the site for a word that gets over 90K searches a month.  Miniature pigs are smart, clean, generally non-allergenic, odor-free, flea-free, charming and inexpensive to feed. Miniature pigs are social, bonding easily with humans.

teacup pig

5-year-old Otis

They’ll readily roll over for a tummy rub, as well as snuggle with you. They don’t bark, prowl the streets or spread rabies. Compared with dog droppings, mild smelling ”pig berries” are a breeze to clean up. While pet pigs are highly trainable and can learn at a faster rate than dogs,  teacup pig behavior is vastly different from dog behavior. As eager as a dog can be to please his master, a  teacup pig’s respect, trust and cooperation must be earned. If the teacup pig had it his way, you would be pleasing him.  Pet pigs are unique animals and a pet of a different sort. They are similar to many of the regular pets you find in a home and yet different. Like dogs they can learn tricks, go for walks with leash and harness and believe it or not if a stranger comes to your house they will often bark at them. They are possessive of their family and occasionally may have to be put into another room when company comes because they don’t want others close to you. See the similarities to dogs? Pigs will use a litter box like a cat, ignore you when they are pouting just like a little child and play with string or empty box such as a kitten would do.

What’s the Pig Idea?  Straightforward, down-to-earth content covering all the essentials. Practical information on key aspects such as housing, feeding and welfare. Pig 50 lbs. Dog 43lbs Pound for Pound pigs are not equal to dogs

50 lb. Pig– 63 lb. Dog          Pound for Pound dogs & pigs are not equal

 Teacup pigs

Pet pigs are very intelligent and can train you just like they want you. Equivalent to a 3 yr. old they will keep you on your toes but also means they become attached to you. I have many times said that if you look into their eyes you can see your pig thinking.  A pig will ponder a situation and find ways to accomplish what they want. That is one of the reasons that they can master complicated tricks like counting by honking a horn, sit, spin and going to the back door ringing a low hanging Christmas bells to go out to potty. Pigs love to sit by you (on you) on the couch or lay by your feet like your favorite dog. They can learn over 40 commands if you spend the time to teach them. A pig can easily be trained to walk on a leash and harness and to ride in a car. Yes, you can take a pig for a walk, but unlike a dog, piggy will take his own sweet time checking out every gum-wrapper and leaf on the pavement. If you are considering purchase a piglet for your family please check zoning laws in your area to see if you can own one. Pigs of any kind are not allowed in some locations.
teacup pig



Welcome to Angel Enterprise Farm, located in central Florida, we are proud to ship our teacup pigs for sale all over the USA. If you are looking for a baby piglet we have what you want. Not only do we have tea cup pigs, we also have Micro Mini pigs and Mini Juliana pigs.

We have continued to carefully choose the matings to get just the right piglet for our customers with all the things they may want. Thin build, wide build, short pug nose or snout, long snout and a variety of different colors. Because of customer preference we normally have more pink piglets (white piglets) than the other colors. we have spotted from the Mini Juliana bloodlines. White, Black, Pinto’s and Tuxedo from the Micro Mini pig bloodlines. We even have a few red piglets to satisfy everyone.



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What is a teacup pig?

Choosing a teacup pig for your family can be hard. It doesn’t help that small pigs are called all kinds of descriptive names like teacup pig, micro pig, nano pig and you can even hear them called pocket pigs, but nothing there to tell you the actual size. Now if you believe that you can carry a pig around in your pocket then you also believe that a teacup pig is the size of a teacup Yorkie. They are not. Yes, they are a lot smaller than a regular hog and even a lot smaller than the original potbelly pig but they are not teacup Yorkie size. Each breeder you talk to will describe their own pigs by different names and unfortunately, there is not a standard among breeders to a set definition.

Are pigs smart? Just check Rooty out doing his tricks…

Micro Pig

Micro pigs were first used in the biomedical research field because they are easier for the lab techs to handle and don’t eat as much.

My smallest are called Micro’s and I estimate 22-38 lbs when fed correctly. My teacup pigs for sale may be 45 lbs. A breeder in Texas, states his is 75 lbs, so you would need to know each breeders definition of their pigs. Be sure you ask the breeder you are talking to what they mean by their size. I list my pig’s size by inches in height from floor to top of the front shoulder as weight is determined for the most part by how you feed your piglet.

4 yr. old "Otis" day out at library

4 yr. old “Otis” day out at library



What is a fair price for a teacup pig?

I am tired of reading on some other breeders sites that you have to pay $3500.00 for a teacup pig and that anyone that sells you a piglet cheaper is scamming you and selling you a huge pig. I offer my piglets at what I feel is a fair price so that families can afford them not just the elite. I would imagine since I have been breeding for quite a while (2005) and often keeping the special babies out of each litter that I have a lot more breeders than most farms. That allows me to have more volume and lower prices. When I started I invested over $50 K  in quality stock so I am not a run of the mill backyard breeder, plus I love my pigs, they are not little dollar signs running around to me. As an ethical breeder, I will always allow you to come and see our pigs and property and I will ALWAY take our animal back should you not be able to keep them no matter what the circumstance! 

Can other pets and a pig get along together?…

teacup pig with a dog and cat.

Buddies hanging out!


    • Pigs and cats frequently become fast friends and bedmates. Dogs, however, are another story. We recommend that you separate your pig from your dogs whenever you will not be there to monitor their activities. While your small or even large dog may get along with your piggy, they must always be supervised. As tame as your dog may be, keep in mind that dogs are natural predators of pigs and can turn on pig even years after living together.  Don’t leave your pig and dog unattended. They love the company and the snuggling.  Just like children, they can play too rough. Little dogs can tear a piglet’s ear or worse.   dog & pig


Can A Child and a pig get along together?…

 Of course, they can!





Pigs are very clean animals and the fourth smartest animal in the world.  If you have a pen with several pigs in it they will all go to one location to go to the bathroom. Think a pen of dogs would do that? Not hardly.
Teacup potbellied pigs and mini pigs are becoming more popular as the new household pet. Because are much smaller than the standard farm pig and even the original potbelly pig. Do they fit in a teacup? Of course not except when first born. But a regular pig can be 600-800 pounds or a full grown potbelly pig at 120-200 pounds. So you can see when they weigh in at 30-65 lbs they seem like a teacup size, like comparing a teacup Yorkie to a Great Dane.


Piggy kisses

Piggy kisses !




  • How long do pigs live?

  • With proper care, a potbellied pig can live an average of 12 to 15 years. Your pig will live long if you make sure he doesn’t become obese, and if you provide him with ample social interaction, stimulation, outdoor time and physical exercise. If your pig becomes ill, making certain he receives prompt veterinary care will also help ensure a long, healthy life.
  • The teacup pigs are relatively low maintenance pets, requiring similar care as a dog.  However they do not navigate long stairs well but short flights of stairs are doable, the Mini Juliana breed navigate stairs the best.Pigs should get some exercise whether you let it run back and forth through the house,take it on daily leash-led walks or let it play in the backyard or they will gain weight. If your piglet is getting too fat you can switch it to the Mazuri elder mini pig food which has less calories, increase their veggies or cut back on their feed pellets. Pigs eat like pigs which means they will eat endless amounts of food if you let them. They particularly like high-carbohydrate unhealthy food, (so do I), so it is vital to restrict your pet’s access to the food it craves. They will constantly search for food like little Hoover vacuum cleaners searching the floor for crumbs or other pets food dishes. They absolutely love dog food which is like Miracle Grow fertilizer for them. I think I can actually watch my pig grow after it steals dog food.  Mini Pig food can be purchased in pet stores or special-ordered. One of the most popular is Mazuri Mini Pig food. Pigs are omnivores, which means they like all kinds of food (Gosh, I must be part pig too). They are not picky eaters they would just as soon eat a green bean as they would some corn so feed your piglet the healthier choice of foods.gonzo8a2While in your house they will want your attention just like a two year old child would. Give them toys to play with or a rooting box to play in. This keeps them stimulated and active and will give you hours of amusement. You must pig proof your house just like you would child proof your house for a 3 yr old. They are very intelligent and spend all their time trying to figure out how to get more food.Teacup potbellied pigs and micro pigs make good pets because they are loving and very intelligent. You might be surprised to learn that they are the fourth smartest animal in the world. However, like many animals (people included) they are prone to laziness and aggression if not properly exercised and socialized. Occasionally, an adult pig may challenge their owner because in a pig family there is always an Alpha pig and in your family you are the Alpha Pig. But just like in a group one of the lesser pig will challenge the Alpha pig so it can be boss. It is up to the alpha pig (you in your family) to put the lesser pig in it’s place. They will need to be reprimanded gently yet strongly, and taught to respect the owner’s authority. They take well to positive reinforcement when they are behaving well, but should not be physically punished. They can be well trained, if properly motivated by food and other rewards and have been used many times in shows doing tricks like playing golf, riding a skateboard , sitting on command and many other tricks.
  • Hide everybody!

    Hide everybody!

    Looking for a new pet? — think about getting a pig. Known for their devotion and happy silly pig dances, pigs can take a big bite out of isolation. Just hanging out with a porker friend can have a revitalizing effect. Some benefits of pig ownership.

    Pigs Keep You Fit:     Adopt a pig and ditch that pricey personal trainer. A study in The Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that dog owners walk approximately one hour longer per day than those without a fetching friend in their lives just think how much exercise you would get walking your pig.

    They Make You Healthier:     Studies show that dog-owning seniors have lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol than their petless peers. Having a dog also reduces the risk of heart attack — and boosts your chances of long-term survival if you have one. So it stands to reason if you had a piglet it couldn’t hurt.

    Pigs Are Social Mediums:     A natural-born icebreaker, your pig will introduce you to everyone from next-door neighbors to perfect strangers. It’s impossible to pass a pig without making a “pat stop,” so head for the park — Wilbur will take it from there. Please make sure that they are allowed where you live and visit.

    They Organize Your Day:      A pig may keep you sane, showered and solvent. Studies show that dog owners exhibit higher degrees of self-discipline than those without and a pig would do the same. Makes sense: Pigs, like humans, thrive on structure; they need to be fed, walked and nurtured at regular intervals. They make better pets when on a structured schedule.

    Pigs Get You:     Pigs react to voices and sounds, such as crying or laughter. You can actually see them turn their heads and thinking trying to sort things out and will often snuggle just to be next to you. I have often seen a piglet crawl up on the back of a child watching television and take a nap.

    They Boost Quality of Life:   For many Americans, a pig could mean the difference between a life lived and a life merely endured. Pigs help you stay independent: They could provide ears for the deaf and an early warning system at the approach of dangers (both real and imagined, of course!). They have been in the news of going for help for an injured owner. I don’t know if I would depend on that as they might stop and eat grass along the way.

    They Help You Volunteer:     You can leash train your piglet then make arrangements to visit nursing homes, libraries and anywhere where people need a pick me up. There is nothing as cute as a pig. (Of course, I am partial, I love them.)

    Micro 10- 13.5 ” 25 – 45 lbs
    Teacups 13.5 – 15.5″ 45-55 lbs
    Miniature 16″ and up est. 60lbs & up
    Please take a yardstick and place it on the floor by your leg. Then look where the estimated height of the piglet is on the yardstick. This is the estimated height of these piglets at maturity. Their weight if healthy and lean should be around 25-55 lbs. depending on the inches estimated. If you overfeed or feed a poor choice of diet just like our children they will become obese. You can have a pig the size of a cocker spaniel or you can have one the size of a bulldog this depends on you.

    Angel Enterprise Farm is the place to buy your teacup pig!