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My husband and I have over 30 years law enforcement each.  We now are retired and have many different types of pets on our farm. From the cute little piggies, rhode Island red chickens, Kune Kunes, and elegant Bourbon red turkeys that parade proudly around the farm. We and our flock also are protected by “Bear” our 18 month old Great Pyrenees .

"Bear" at 6 months

“Bear” at 6 months

We started raising pigs in 2005 however we did not get an online presence until 2009. I would often get into trouble for taking a baby piglet to work with me to bottle feed so it would not die.  I am retired from the public service now so I don’t have to answer to anyone about how much I love my pigs and their babies. Yah!


Showing off my Bourbon Red Turkeys

All sales are final. No refunds: I guarantee my piglets general health for 30 days and lifetime for genetic issues and your piglet will be replaced if something unfortunate happens. However for any other reason there will be no refunds or replacements.