Piglets for Sale

This is the page with the beautiful teacup pigs. Well actually on this site the Micro pigs are the smallest, then the teacup size. Not a big difference between them approx 10 lbs when grown but substantial savings in price. Another way Angel Enterprise Farm tries to help families afford a piglet of their own.


All Prices includes the piglets spay or neuter, vet check & health certificate and shipping to the largest airport near you. 

$100 Deposit will hold the baby of your choice: Please email me the name of piglet  so I will know which one you want to reserve.


Your piglet will come to you weaned,  vaccinations , dewormed, socialized, litter box trained and in their own crate with a week’s supply of food, ready for you to love.


Pink or White – All time favorite, ones little girls (and big girls) like to dress up.   Pinto –  White with Large Black areas (very cute)

Tuxedo – Black with white on legs, white collar around neck (very classy looking)    Black –  Black piglet, doesn’t show dirt, seldom needs sunscreen and can’t notice eye boogers.



teacup pig

Raymond     7/15/17      $995.00


teacup pig

Robby       7/15/17     Teacup     $995.00           ADOPTED

black male micro pig

Phillip       7/25/17        Micro          $1295.00

Beth     9/30/17       Micro         $1295.00


micro male pig

Barry      9/30/17      Micro         $1295.00 Reserved


cowboy Britt

Britt      9/30/17      Micro      $1295.00

micro male piglet

Brad  9/30/17    Micro      $1295.00


Hank      10/2/17      Micro       $1295.00


Harvey      10/2/17      Micro       $1295.00


female piglet

Heidi      10/2/17      Micro      $1295.00


micro piglet

Holly       10/2/17       Micro       $1295.00          ADOPTED

micro piglet

Perry     10/2/17         Micro       $1395.00       Two Blue eyes

micro piglet

 Princess      10/2/17       Micro     $1295.00   Left eye blue

micro pig

Patrick      10/2/17       Micro      $1295.00



Discounted Piglets (older)

spotted micro

Toby       4/5/17         Micro         $1295.00     Now $795.00 

Nike    3/22/17       Micro       $1295.00      Now    $695.00   AVAILABLE




micro piglet

Penny      10/2/17      Micro      $1295.00       Chocolate      ADOPTED




Hannah      10/2/17      Micro      $1295.00      Right eye Blue    ADOPTED



Micro pig male

Belle     9/30/17       Micro       $1295.00        RESERVED



micro piglet

Paris       10/2/17            Micro         $1295.00    One blue eye       RESERVED




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All sales are final. No refunds: I guarantee my piglet’s general health for 30 days and lifetime for genetic issues and your piglet will be replaced if something unfortunate happens. However for any other reason there will be no refunds or replacements. So if you are under 18 your parents must purchase the piglet. If you are 18 and above and still live at home then you still need their permission. What I am trying to spell out is to do your homework, not just jump in and buy a piglet without making sure everyone is on board with a pig.   These are live animals that need responsible owners not a random item you purchase at Wal-Mart so understand when I say,  All sales are final.  No refunds   Deposits are to hold piglet until paid in full. It keeps me from selling to others so therefore Deposits are not refundable.