Feeding Controversy

I would like to clarify for all the people that thinks feeding your pig the recommended amount that is on the bag of pig food is starving your pig. These companies pays scientist hundreds of thousands of dollars to do studies on what is the best for the miniature pigs. They came up with a formula of 1-3% of the pigs weight daily. Although this does not look like much, it is what is healthiest for your pet. Let’s face the facts. These company make their profits from the amount of feed they sell. It would be to their advantage profit wise to sell more feed. However this is what they recommend for healthy pigs. The pictures you see of miniature pigs with fat cheeks and fat over their eyes and 300 lbs is not a healthy pig. The pig will suffer for the rest of its life for being blind, unable to walk from weight induced arthritis and a shortened but probably a blessing life. Can you get a 60 lb. pig by feeding the recommended amount. Of course you can just like some children are 6’4″ and others 5’4″ in the same family. But the odds of a child eating what and as much as they want at McDonald’s being obese and a child feed at home a balanced meal with veggies & fruit being a healthy weight are probably the same.

 Pictures below are pigs from same farm. Both are the pigs at little over 1 yr and half old.


Fed correctly?

Fed correctly? Owner said they were feeding 1/4 cup twice a day… Right!

Owner feeding 1/2 c. twice a day.

Owner feeding 1/2 c. twice a day.

Kiss A Pig help raise 66K

More than 200 set sail on March 25 for the Great Future’s Gala to benefit The Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania (BGCWPA). The celebration kicked off at 6 pm with guests boarding the famously unique Pittsburgh attraction, The Gateway Clipper.

A peak moment from the evening included the conclusion of the Boys & Girls Club fund raising “Kiss A Pig” drive generating over $65,000.  Local advocates, club members and families have been raising money for 2 months to see whose “piggy bank” would be the fullest. The top three fundraisers were announced and had the honors of kissing a pig –literally!  Guests “squeeled” with glee as winners Jim Barry, Mike Hepler & Don Panucci each took a turn smooching with Nola.  This 45 pound miniature Juliana Pet Pig lives in Cranberry with Christopher & Lauren Miladinovich and became an honorary member of the club March 4.

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Great Futures Gala- This “Pigtime” Fundraiser had guests squealing with delight! 2015-03-31 21-30-12



Great Futures Gala held on the Gateway Clipper - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2015-03-31 21-33-46











Kiss a Pig Gala 2015

Kiss a Pig Gala 2015